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Ever wonder how some players always seem to make it to the final table in tournaments? Professional online players use a "formula" for success that works. That's what you'll discover in this DVD - the pro tournament player's success formula - finally revealed.

This DVD is for intermediate to advanced tournament and sit-n-go tournament players who want to gain an edge on the competition, place in the money more consistently and win Texas Hold'em tournaments.

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Hi there!  Welcome to my poker testing and education site.  Thousands of people have learned how to quickly become better poker players, make money in cash games and profit from tournaments in recent years using my websites and poker tools.

You have found my site.  You can become a member and test your poker skills, at no cost. That's right - it costs nothing to register as a site member and to take the simple exam to get your own personalized skills report.


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It's a Free Poker Exam - Improve Your Skills and Game Sharply

By using to analyze your skills, you'll be learning about your own strengths and weaknesses as a poker player.  The exam will uncover gaps in your skills, and give you a good idea of where you need to study up and work on your game.  It will also give you free tips on where you need to brush up.

You'll also be shown how to become a much better Texas Holdem poker player - who wins regularly and profits more.

Already a good player?  Great!  Take the poker exam and let's see for sure just how good you really are...

Here's what you'll find on this site:

  • Take the Poker Exam - my free Texas Holdem poker skills exam

  • Free Poker Strategies, Tips and Tutorials

  • Poker Tools - software tools that will improve your skills and winnings

As a member of, you'll have access to all the best poker strategies, tools and products available on the Internet. 

You can also optionally subscribe to receive specific information "channels" that will help you with specific areas of your game, if you want.

Thank you!

Thanks for visiting and for taking the free poker skills test.  Have a look around - there's a lot more you'll find here.

Best of luck to you!

Poker Professor


If you're trying to learn Texas Holdem you came to the right place!  Take our poker test, identify your skills strengths and weaknesses, then join our online poker school and boost your skills fast.

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